Not a singer but indubitably a voice.

The Disappearance of Finbar
Rob sang the key narrative 'pop' song in Jonathan Rhys Meyers' first film.

Blue to Brown
Blue to Brown is a father–son band playing blues and blues rock, with Rob as lead vocalist. Dom’s day job is lead guitar with Duran Duran and Blue to Brown calls on top players from name bands and the session world to provide bass, drums, keyboards and horns.

GETS/Z Loose Return
Rumours of the demise of Gets/z Loose are greatly exaggerated. Between the good old days and now, we stumbled along and kept the flame alive. Now we’re getting on with it. Playing live and recording – old and new stuff.
If you ever liked us, like this. If you ever followed us, follow on. You’ll make an old man very happy.

On YouTube, Vimeo and SoundCloud. Contact for more details.
We have recently filmed and recorded a whole gig. And we can bear to watch it – blindfold. Check out the songs that lurk online.

When the days weren't numbered.
We haven't changed a bit! But the technology has. This was at the Monmouth Festival,  Gets/z Loose were briefly famous in Wales.